BOGO Tanning offers the BEST beds in the Pacific Northwest


We are bringing you the finest quality tanning products at the greatest value. We maintain our tanning equipment beyond manufacturers recommendations in order to promise consistency at all BOGO Tanning locations. This is why BOGO Tanning is the best salon for you. Come in for a no cost experience on the highest quality, cleanest, and most well maintained beds in the Portland Metro Area.

We have a wide variety of professional level, name brand tanning equipment for your tanning needs and desires. From base-level beds for beginners to high pressure systems that provide rich,
deep results fast and efficiently.

Here are Just a Few of Our Most Popular Beds:

Magic 636 (High Pressure UVA only bed)

The Magic 636 is the Most Powerful Tanning Bed on the planet! This Sun Italia tanning bed is like no other; offering a relaxing yet powerful experience, and only a 2% burn rating. It is breathtakingly simple to operate, with an open design to dispel any fears of claustrophobia. This intense bronzing bed offers a major advantage to anyone looking to take their tan to the next level, FASTER!

Features Include:

  • 12 minute maximum tan time
  • 36 UVA High Pressure lamps (36,000 watts of power)
  • 8 tanning Levels (Great for those wanting to “ease into it”)
  • 8 Digitally controlled power levels for the lamps
  • Individual safety switch for each UV filter and temperature sensors
  • 360° tanning experience
  • Air Conditioned (this thing has more features than most Sport Cars!!)


Saturn Stand-up (High Pressure UVA only bed)

stand up

The Saturn Stand-up Tanning Bed is one of the most powerful high pressure stand-ups available on the market today giving unsurpassed tanning; a deep, dark tan that lasts 2-3 weeks without increasing your chance of sunburn.  The Saturn allows you to tan less often and still maintain beautiful color. It offers an open design, no doors, no walls, just the wonderful feeling of openness and freedom. Close your eyes and you will feel like you’re on the beach.

Features Include:

  • 12 minute session time
  • 25 UVA intense high pressure lamps
  • Extra-tall Open air design for advanced cooling
  • Air Conditioned
  • 360° tanning experience

Velocity HP 1000 (High Pressure UVA only bed)

Let the Velocity tanning bed take your tan to the extreme! The Velocity tanning bed is the most revolutionary 360° high pressure tanning bed in the tanning industry. This tanning bed provides a powerful ultra-high pressure experience giving long-lasting color for both the fairer and darker skinned. The radical shape of the Velocity HP1000 tanning bed puts you in the center of the tanning power by scientifically angling three banks of lamps for a uniform, full body tan.

Features Include:

  • 15 minute tanning session
  • 18 UVA High Pressure lamps
  • 2 Ultra Pressure™ shoulder tanning lamps
  • 360° tanning experience
  • Contoured, suspended acrylic
  • Controllable power facial lamps
  • Powerful total body cooling