Red Light Approved!! Endorsed!!

Red Light Approved!! Endorsed!!

Red Light Treatment Approved!! Endorsed!!

From wrinkles to cold sores, red light therapy is the latest trick to save your face

The weather may be freezing, the days still short, but there is now light — red light — at the end of the tunnel. The power of red light was originally harnessed by NASA, which proved that it helped to heal wounds and burns, and it has been used — successfully — for the treatment of skin cancer.

As with many medical breakthroughs, the cosmetic benefits of red light subsequently emerged and it’s now becoming widely available in High Street salons and shops.

We’ve all heard of infra-red light, which is invisible. But the fast-growing trend is for visible red light — a gentle and effective way of healing and rejuvenating skin

‘Red light easily penetrates the dermis and can help with a variety of skin conditions, such as acne, rosacea, scarring and eczema, as well as improving skin quality,’ says Jo Martin, clinical director of Mapperley Park Clinic and an expert in light therapy and laser treatments.
‘The heat and light boost circulation, bringing more blood and nutrients to the area,’ she explains. ‘It also instigates the release of chemical messengers called cytokines. As more cytokines are released, collagen-producing cells called fibroblasts leap into action. If healing is required, then the skin will heal; if it is already healthy, you will get a plumping effect from the extra collagen created.’

What separates an at-home device from a clinical therapy is the strength of the light used. ‘A salon treatment may blast you with red light delivered through 1,800 separate LEDs, but a hand-held device will use fewer — more like 40,’ says Louise Taylor of Serious About Skin, specialists in light therapy.

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