You’ve heard some murmurings about a treatment called Velashape in the locker room. From what you could understand, the treatment involves deep heating the fat tissue and using a vacuum to stimulate new collagen growth and elastin, so the skin becomes smoother.
It sounds like the perfect solution for getting rid of those dimples and ripples you’ve developed on various parts of your body: the abdomen, buttocks and arms. They’ve popped up in places you least expected.  Unfortunately your BMI (Body Mass Index) will need to fall below 30. Oh boy, your personal trainer has just informed you that you’re slightly above. To your dismay you won’t qualify for the procedure.
It’s important that your BMI does not surpass 30 before having the procedure done. According to the Center for Disease Control, adults with a BMI over 30 are considered obese and unhealthy. Weight loss should be the priority before eliminating cellulite. Therefore it’s not recommended that you receive the procedure and seek another alternative such as HCG diet at , Bogo Tanning & Cryotherapy.
This may seem incredibly exclusive, but it’s important to understand how the treatment works to appreciate the parameters. Velashape is a non-invasive procedure that uses infrared light and bi-polar radio frequency energy to target and heat the fat cells, which actually cause a reduction in the overall size of the fat cell. The vacuum encourages lymphatic drainage to remove unwanted toxins and fluid that take up space and cause the bumps.. Eventually the skin will produce elastin, with more volume because of the infrared heat. The texture will feel smooth and less ripply. Velashape is ideal for reducing cellulite, but not intended for weight reduction.  Velashape is however also FDA approved for circumferential reduction so you may see your clothes fit better after the treatment.
Some skeptics don’t think it’s necessary to have a BMI under 30 and that the procedure will be effective  regardless.  This isn’t the case. Velashape can actually increase the appearance of cellulite in types 3 and 4 which means the cellulite does not disappear when lying down or standing.
Velashape can be most effective for patients who are not overweight. Patients who are in the obese range of the BMI scale should focus more on weight loss solutions. Velashape is not a procedure meant to achieve weight loss. If your BMI is over 30, you should consult your the clinical director at Advanced Skin Fitnesss to find out if you’re a candidate for HCG diet.   You do have the option of shedding a few more LBs, which shouldn’t take long. Just consume less and burn more, then you’ll be ready for Velashape, so you can have smoother, dimple free skin!