NOW OFFERING Micro Needling …… A NEW YOU!

Microneedling with Lumi Pen

Bogo Tanning & Med Spa is proud to use the most advanced collagen induction system: LumiPen. The LumiPen system is an extremely effective treatment to significantly diminish wrinkles, fine lines, acne scarring and stretch marks as well as stimulate wound healing and improve skin tone and texture.

The LumiPen is much safer and more effective than […]

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Happy Hour Sale

Happy Hour  11am – 3pm / BOGO / Buy One Get One / or….. 50% OFF / NOW

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Stop into our CRYO-LOCATIONS for your 1st Cryotherapy session!

Recovery Faster, Sleep Better, More Energy, Softer Skin and burn over 1000 calories in 2 minutes!

Dont forget……. Happy Hour is B-O-G-O……. BUY-ONE-GET-ONE…….Or, 50% OFF, See Ya Soon!

Milwaukie Location 503-652-TANS(8267)

Oregon City Location 503-656-TANS(8267)

Tualatin Location 503-652-TAN2(8262)

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Now Offering Cryo-T Facials & Cryo-T Shaping SO EXCITING!

The NEW Cryo-T Elephant is a new type of device for facial and localized Cryo-Stimulation, that works on liquid nitrogen (LN2).  The Cryo-T is popular in sports, wellness, and beauty applications.  The cold vapor is used to hyper-cool select areas such as muscles and joints to help reduce swelling and pain – similar to […]

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CryoSkin, Cryotherapy, Localized Cryo, Skin Firming ALL in ONE! “Lumi Spa Capsule”

Lumi Spa Capsule NOW AVAILABLE at our Milwaukie Location @ $109. per Mo. Unlimited Healing……Starts Now

Why are spa owners choosing to install these machines rather than another wet room, massage table, or aromatherapy station? It helps to know the many benefits of light treatment. In part, the answer is our natural human connection to […]

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OPEN  LOCATIONS  B-O-G-O D-E-A-L-S (50% or Buy One Get One)



Here are some of the documented benefits of red light therapy:

Improves skin tone and complexion
Stimulates production of collagen and elastin
Enhances muscle recovery and athletic performance
Reduces joint pain, inflammation, and arthritis
Improves appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and stretch marks
Reduces acne, rosacea, and […]

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