What is a “Cocktail Tan” we are asked… Ok, a “Cocktail Tan” is when you tan is a Tanning bed or Red Light unit then go directly into a sunless spray booth (Versa ONLY). This process will assist in browning the surface of the melanin in your skin as well as opening all poor for the next step, Versa Spray Tan.

Its common knowledge het will always open poor and is proven to relax your skin. The Versa spray booth has 3 ingredient’s. #1. 60% aloe. (great for skin) 2nd ingredient t is DHA. This is what absorbs into your skin, and naturally creates a golden tan. With levels of tan to choose from, this will get you the exact desired color you want  and by doing in “Cocktail Tanning.” Its twice the coverage and will last twice as long. Choose a “Cocktail Tan” and experience a new comfort and level of Tanning. #BOGOTANNING