*Bogo Tanning has 4 location that are all available for YOU! Your new Member I.D. will allow you access to all locations.
*Our specailty is Fast Tanning. One I.D. # Fits ALL LOCATIONS. We are the only Tanning Company on the West Coast with 7 Minute Tanning Beds. We have several levels of Tanning at each of our locations and up to and including the as seen on Rachel and Oprah, Vela Shape Body Contouring System.

*If you are concerned about TAN LINES… UVB FREE Spray Tanning is for you! This product has 3 ingredients in it….
#1. is Aloe Vera (60%)
#2. is a BRONZING AGENT that will absorb into your skin over a 4 hour period,
#3. is an exterior Bronzer designed to give you intial – AMAZING color!  1st SPRAY TAN FREE~
*Medi-Services, Bogo Tanning & MedSpa offers Laser Hair Removal Treatments, Vela Shape Body Contouring, Micro Dermabrasion’sRed Light Session and have attached a link for you below. Our Tualatin Location offer these services.

And YES…..
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