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How does Lumière work?

Unlike some “anti-ageing” treatments that work as a result of the body’s response to heat & damage, Lumière specifically uses Pure Red Light from the visible, light spectrum, the rainbow, to naturally stimulate energy production in skin cells.

Lumière works from the inside out by stimulating cellular regeneration at the heart of the dermis. Lumière converts light energy into cellular building blocks for the skin.

Pure Red light @ 633nm is medically proven to penetrate the dermis and stimulate & energize the skin cells responsible for cell regeneration and the production of collagen. (Fibroblast & Mitochondria)

Lumière delivers a Red Light 633nm* via a Matrix of 2100 high specification LED’s (light emitting diodes) that deliver high intensity Red light to the complete face and neck area.

Lumière Red Light 633nm is applied at 130Joules per cm squared* Lumière has an energy output of 70Mw/cm2 and is much higher in intensity than other LED systems. *nanometer is the unit by which light is measured

The Lumière Treatment: Lumière is a 20-minute non-invasive Light treatment that is started by either the client or therapist and ends automatically.

Lumière has been specifically designed as a self-service treatment to compliment the modern, beauty, salon, spa or solarium business model.

Lumière Skincare: Lumière combines Light therapy with skincare products to offer the first complete, naturally advanced skincare regime for facial rejuvenation. The three specialized skincare regimes known as “photoceuticals” have been specifically formulated to work in combination with Lumière, working in synergy to enhance the results.

Firming Regime:

Provides immediate lifting and tightening of skin of skin while improving the skins support matrix to enhance firmness and elasticity. Lumière photoceuticals and nuturaceuticals are part of the daily “home” skincare regime and are critical to promoting maximum results.

Lumière Treatment Protocol:

Client consultation will determine if your client will use the Vitalizing, Firming or Repairing skin program, which involves a 3-step process.

Preparation – Exfoliation

Treatment – Serum

Aftercare – Moisturizer

Bogo offers a fantastic one-off energizing facial, however clinical trials have proven that significant improvements in skin rejuvenation are more noticeable after an intense course.

Maximize Results: A course of 6 Light treatments over a 2 or 3 week period will provide great improvements in skin tone and texture and a more vibrant and healthy looking skin.

An intense course of 12 treatments will result in a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles with the patient noticing significant improvements in skin tone and texture and much healthier looking skin.

Maintaining Results: Lumière stimulates collagen production, which is on a 21-28 day cycle. It is recommended clients receive bi-monthly treatments to maintain results.

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