Permanent Fat Removal is HERE ~ Heat is the New Cool~

Permanent Fat Removal is HERE ~ Heat is the New Cool~


We are PROUD to introduce the “BTL Vanquish” – Permanent Fat Reduction System!

Vanquish is a newer technology than Coolsculpting, and was FDA approved for permanent fat reduction in June, 2015. In the FDA studies, Coolsculpting destroyed 20-25% of the fat cells treated, Vanquish destroyed 25-30%.

There are only two non-invasive devices on the market that have been proven to permanently destroy fat cells: Vanquish and Coolsculpting.   Neither device removes as much fat as surgical liposuction, however both Vanquish and Coolsculpting are very effective at fat reduction, are non-invasive, more cost effective, and less risk compared to liposuction.

Vanquish and Coolsculpting are not weight loss programs, but rather devices that can be used for those problem areas that don’t seem to go away with exercise and a healthy diet.

Coolsculpting destroys fat cells by freezing; Vanquish destroys fat cells with heat.   Once the fat cells are destroyed, the body’s lymphatic system carries away the cellular debris, and it is excreted.

Fat cells generally don’t regenerate. With weight gain the fat cells swell, and with weight loss they shrink, but the number of fat cells remains fairly constant. So, when the fat cells are destroyed they don’t come back, and it is a permanent effect.

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